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Shoes of Hope Comes to Greenfield and Kennedy

Every 2nd through 6th grade student at John F. Kennedy and C.O. Greenfield Elementary Schools received a new pair of shoes thanks to the Shoes of Hope event sponsored by Samaritan’s Feet International. As part of the donation, more than 40 volunteers performed a ritual of washing each students’ feet before giving them a new pair of socks and athletic shoes. Samaritan’s Feet has facilitated shoe distributions and foot washing programs in over 85 countries and served more than 6.5 million individuals with a new pair of shoes. The team at Samaritan’s Feet believes that shoes and the act of foot-washing can be a tangible foundation of hope to a person in need, is passionate about equipping individuals, and is committed to serve and inspire all people to believe in the value of opportunity and service of others.

Shoes of Hope