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My departure

What is now very public is my impending departure from our beloved RSD community. I have been fortunate and blessed to be a part of our RSD community for the last four academic years, and during that time, some amazing things have happened. 
As a community, we launched a 5 year strategic plan, which belongs to the entire community, not one individual, we launched several signature academies, we erected an online learning academy, we developed and launched a RSD instructional model to improve professional practice, we invested heavily in new curriculum resources and cutting edge Apple technology, we prioritized social and emotional learning, developed pipelines for future and aspiring leaders, enhanced our employee recruitment and retention efforts, increased our compensation schedules, and invested heavily in our facilities and learning spaces… just to name a few… We’ve done incredible things for our internal and external community.  
Recently, I received a professional opportunity that was difficult not to consider.  This opportunity will not call on me to be a Superintendent in another district, instead, will allow me to serve at Arizona State University to teach future leaders in their College of Education and be part of the outreach team to strengthen the pipeline of college access for K-12 communities, like ours.   Attending college at ASU truly changed my life, and created the conditions for me to be here in this capacity, and I believe in the life-changing power of accessibility of college for all. 
Leaving RSD is chalked with emotions that are impossible to articulate and I will forever be grateful for my time in our community.  And while difficult to leave, I remain encouraged by the amazing leaders that remain in our community… From this governing board, to an exceptional leadership team, to phenomenal District leaders and staff, to Campus principals, Assistant principals, Deans, Instructional Coaches, REA leadership, teachers, and ESPs, and other employee groups… RSD is in an extraordinary place, with leaders guided by core values.  We are on the perspicuous of witnessing the fruits of our labor over the last four years come to fruition.  And while many things have already materialized, many more things will in the future. 
Many thanks for all of your ongoing support and leadership.  I am so proud of the work we have done and will continue to do for our students, staff, families, and the community.   The best is yet to come.