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Congratulations to the October RSD No. 66 Employees of The Month!

Roosevelt School District No. 66 brought back the employee of the month program in October with the first set of employees, one classified and one certified employee, being recognized. 

Recommending the Employee of the Month is reserved for acknowledging an employee's hard work and dedication to our District, stakeholders, employees, families and most importantly our students. An Employee of the Month is someone who exemplifies the District's values, goes above and beyond; doing great work each and every day and sets an example for other team members to follow. 

The certified employee, Jessica Zimmerman, an instructional coach at Valley View Leadership Academy has been with RSD No. 66 for eight years. In her nomination, the Valley View staff noted that she goes above and beyond for everything she does at the school. This includes leading the orientation and professional development for new teachers, coordinating all testing at Valley View and modeling the behaviors and traits of a strong teacher during professional development sessions for staff.

According to Principal of Valley View she is a “do it for the kids person and a true rockstar for education.”

The classified employee of the month recipient, Christina Garcia, a Courier for Roosevelt School District No. 66 office in business services has been working at RSD No. 66 for over 20 years.  According to her nominee, Christina takes pride in her work, will never let anyone down and is very dedicated to RSD No. 66. In fact, I her nomination she was referred to as the business service department’s “RSD Wonder Woman”!





Christina Garcia, RSD No. 66 Courier. 


a                                             Jessica Zimmerman, Valley View instructional coach,  left, with Valley View Principal, Larry La Prise.