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Percy L. Julian Middle School Students Share A Love For Reading

Cicely Cobb, the seventh and eighth grade English Language Arts instructor at P. L. Julian Middle School spotted two of her advanced students with their noses in some of their favorite books recently.

Their books of choice would be advanced for most people, but are at an especially high level for being middle school students, according to Cobb.

She found seventh-grader Brianna Holland reading Zora Neale Hurston's “Their Eyes Were Watching God” and said that Holland's responses to assigned reading questions rival those that she has received from her college students.

Meanwhile, another of her advanced seventh grade students, Ashley Arias, had her nose in her new favorite book “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas. A book that Arias not only loves, but is reading together with her mother.

“I am reading “The Hate U Give” both at school and with my mom at home. I will read some and then she will read some”, Arias explained. “We talk about the book and are going to see movie together, actually my mom won’t let me go see the movie until we finish the book.”
Both students said Cobb has helped them not only grow their love of reading, but she has led them to many interesting books that they have enjoyed.

“I really liked “The Hate U Give” because it’s relatable, it is real life, it could happen anywhere,” Holland explained.

For Cobb, seeing these students avidly reading the way they are warms her heart.

“Knowing that I have students like these that challenge themselves with this high level of reading is incredible which is why when I saw the girls with their books I had to snap some pictures together. I just need them [her students] to read, read anywhere, especially at home.”