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Celebrating our Education Support Professionals

When we talk about our Roosevelt community, there are so many members that make up our family that it’s important to recognize and celebrate them all.

Our education support professionals are there for our students before the first bell rings and long after they go home. They maintain our buildings, keep our grounds, get students to and from school on time, feed them, provide a safe, nurturing environment suitable for learning and so much more!

ESPs are essential to our schools running smoothly and vital to the education and wellbeing of our students. Their work enables our teachers to focus on what they do best – instructing our beautiful young people.

We are proud to recognize the work of the nine career families that make up Roosevelt’s education support professionals. Our paraeducators, Clerical, Custodial and maintenance, Food, Health and wellness, Security, Trades, Technical and transportation workers are all part of the critical structure that supports our student’s growth and development.

Join us in saying thank you to all our ESPs for continuing to be a critical part of our amazing Roosevelt community.