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Hello Southwest Family,

We are excited to see our families coming back to school this Monday, March 22nd. Remember if you are in the "A" Group you will be attending school in person on Monday & Tuesday then you will be virtual from Wednesday through Friday.

If you are in the "B" Group you will be attending virtually Monday through Wednesday, and will be attending in person Thursday & Friday.

Virtual students will attend classes virtually all week.

The schedules below indicate what subjects students will be learning and what times students should be attending class virtually and in person. 


Kindergarten Schedule

1st Grade 

1st Grade Schedule

2nd Grade

2nd Grade Schedule

3rd Grade

3rd Grade Schedule

4th Grade

4th Grade Schedule

5th Grade

5th Grade Schedule

6th Grade 

Ms. Orta's Homeroom Schedule

Ms. Dominguez's Homeroom Schedule

7th Grade 

Ms. Scroggins Homeroom Schedule

Mr. Rangel's Homeroom Schedule

Mr. Chwastek's Homeroom Schedule

8th Grade

Mr. Trotter's Homeroom Schedule

Mr. Carmack's Homeroom Schedule

Dr. Gupta's Homeroom Schedule