• AZMerit


    The AzMERIT assessment will assess 3rd-8th grade students’ proficiency with the English Language Arts (ELA) standards in reading and writing as well as standards in mathematics. Additionally, 4th and 8th grade students will take the AIMS Science assessment to measure their proficiency with the science standards.

    Although the state assessments are just one indicator of student learning, it is the measure used to determine how schools are performing. To increase the accuracy of this measure of student learning, it is important that we create the conditions, free of test anxiety, that enable students to perform to the best of their ability.

    Ways we can work together to ensure your child is ready for testing include:

    • Plenty of rest and a good night’s sleep
    • A good breakfast to start the day
    • Being at school on time and staying throughout the day
    • A positive attitude!