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    The Academic Services Department provides effective and differentiated support to Roosevelt teachers in an effort to foster meaningful change in instructional practice and education outcomes.

    Roosevelt’s cadre of programs caters to the needs and interests of all students. These programs include: PreK and full-day kindergarten, Roosevelt Reads: An Advanced Literacy Program, Special Needs, McKinney-Vento homeless services, ST Math (Spatial Temporal Math), 21st Century After School Programming, Be A Leader, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Spaces of Opportunity Community Garden, sports, arts and music programs at various schools, physical education, gifted and talented programs.

    Roosevelt Elementary School District launched a Roosevelt Reads Literacy Initiative during the 2017-2018 school year to assist with improving student academic achievement by increasing comprehension and meaning making skills for all students. The Academic Services Department partnered with MyOn, an online library that allows students access to grade level appropriate material at all times using any technology device. The tool assesses a student’s comprehension level, then assigns them a Lexile score that determines the level of text complexity a student can comprehend. Students are able to read more complex texts depending on the layout of the text, background information they bring to the topic and the text features and supports available to them within the text. Families and students across the district now have access to more than 16,000 books and news articles. These books and articles can be accessed at home or in community centers such as public libraries, Youth Organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA, and other places where free Wi-Fi is offered. The content on the Roosevelt Reads (MyOn) platform can be read on smart phones, tablets, computers and laptops. As a result, Roosevelt students across the District have read more than 4 million minutes this year.

    In addition to Roosevelt Reads powered by MyOn, the Academic Services Department also purchased Achieve3000 as an instructional support tool within the classroom. Achieve3000 creates an environment that supports all learners. The same text is provided to students at their reading level thus providing an opportunity for rich discussions about the topic in question. The tool provides an avenue for students to engage in thematic learning experiences across content. Students are able to engage in deep discussions that increases their comprehension skills and enhances meaning making ability for all levels and grades of students. Every classroom is expected to have a classroom library built around student interests and content area needs. The easy access to books and reading material such as magazines and journals provides an opportunity for students to read a variety of texts, and read widely. The reading tools provide an opportunity for students to self – monitor their growth, and also helps the teacher to design targeted instruction to meet student needs in a differentiated classroom.

     All students utilize Spatial Temporal Math (ST Math), a highly visual, concept driven math program to support and strengthen their math skills. Teachers are able to reorder the tools so they can assign specific topics to students based on identified academic needs. Students are able to explain their thinking in writing. The ability to also hold discussions centered on meaning making and clarifying questions deepens mathematical understanding and extends meaning making. Funds have been allocated to continue to expand classroom libraries, increase our selection of multicultural texts and continue to celebrate our diversity.


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