• What is the purpose of the Strategic Plan?

    The strategic plan development is a multi-phase approach to engage the community to inform and guide Roosevelt’s vision for what a high-functioning, efficient, family and student-centered school district looks like and how we, as a community get there together.

    Strategic planning offers the opportunity to examine, update, and proactively operationalize the mission and vision of the District. Leveraging stakeholders as key contributors to its development, the strategic plan will provide measurable goals for the District to focus on for the next 3-5 years to attain outstanding, equitable, and sustainable student achievement. Further, it will offer a roadmap to align initiatives and resources, guide action, and track progress.

    The Roosevelt  School District No.66 requested that WestEd provide a comprehensive needs assessment to serve as the foundation for building a strategic plan that is inclusive and reflective of the needs of south Phoenix. This process included extensive engagement and data collection about the current state of the school district resulting in an assessment that identifies the organization’s strengths as well as areas of need. Subsequent to this work, the school district community will continue to engage in a process that:

    1.  Provides an overview the district’s current conditions
    2. Provides key learnings about existing strengths within the distirct 
    3. Generates a shared understanding of opportunities for improvement based on the lived experiences of staff and community
    4. Offers considerations to guide Roosevelt School District in the strategic planning process


    Ultimately it is the aim of this work to ensure a coherent system that supports effective teaching and learning, operations, and leadership development within the Roosevelt School Distirct No. 66.