• Valley of the Sun United Way

    Roosevelt School District works with Valley of the Sun United Way to provide students with monthy pantry snac bags and weekly weekend snack bags. In addition to their work with us, Valley of the Sun also strives to create change in the comminity by:

    • Strengthening and supporting the emergency food system to reduce hunger among families and senior citizens.
    • Reducing barriers to accessing healthcare through outreach and services that increase participation in healthcare programs.
    • Increasing investments in services and programs that prioritize social determinants and wraparound services that prevent and assist those experiencing homelessness.
    • Investing in individual and family shelters that move households out of crisis.
    • Building and strengthening literacy capacity of practitioners in early learning environments.
    • Increasing online learning and socio-emotional supportive services for parents, caregivers, and teachers.
    • Increasing resources to help individuals obtain job opportunities that will raise their income and create sustainable careers.