• Roosevelt School District Pre-School

    This option provides a unique combination of services which mirror the quality of our other high quality preschool options for eligible families who do not meet the income requirements for HeadStart and for families with children with identified special needs 4 years of age before Sept. 1.The following is a list of schools offering Pre-K:

    • Bernard Black Elementary School
    • Chavez Leadership Academy
    • Cloves C. Campbell Sr. Elementary School
    • Ed And Verma Pastor Elementary School
    • Ignacio Conchos Elementary School
    • John F. Kennedy Elementary School
    • John R. Davis Elementary School
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School
    • Maxine O. Bush Elementary School
    • Southwest Elementary School
    • T.G. Barr Elementary School
    • Valley View Leadership Academy
  • Exceptional Student Services Preschool

    The Roosevelt School District provides this option which offeres services in a classroom setting for families with children identified with an Individual Education Plan and 4 years of age before Sept. 1. Some sites accept children age 3 before Sept. 1.

    ESS Locations:

    • Cloves C. Campbell Sr. Elementary School
    • Ed and Verma Pastor Elementary School
  • Child Find Screenings

    We offer Child Find Screenings periodically year-round. Children 2 years and 9 months or older may participate in hearing, vision and developmental screenings to determine if further evaluation is necessary. Eligible children who are identified with significant delays will be offered services in a preschool setting that best meets their specific needs. These services are free to residents residing within the Roosevelt Elementary School District boundaries.