RSD Cheerleading

Interested in Cheerleading?

  • RSD Cheerleaders performing

    Cheerleading is a popular sport that has become a part of popular culture. Although it was created more than a century ago, cheerleading continues to evolve. Today's cheerleading features elements of dance, gymnastics, tumbling, and stunts. 

    Cheerleaders must be capable of performing sharp, precise movements as well as lifts and pyramids. Each cheerleading squad has its own set of unique cheers, chants, and yells. They must also come up with a routine to perform at competitions. This routine usually consists of different types of stunts as well as pyramid formations.

    College cheerleading squads are often co-ed and are allowed to perform more difficult stunts, such as twisting basket tosses and rewinds. There are also professional cheerleading squads that participate in football, basketball, hockey, rugby, and soccer tournaments as well as squads sponsored by athletic leagues or other organizations, like the YMCA.  

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