• Bullying Information and Resources

    Identifying the Complaint/Grievance

    A student who complains or grieves regarding constitutional rights, equal access  to programs, discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation, or personal  safety issues may complain directly to the school administrator or to a  professional staff member.

    • The student, if able, must complete Form A, providing sufficient details. Should a student’s age or other condition  make it not possible, the staff member receiving the information must assist in  recording sufficient detail.
    • When a staff member receives the complaint, he/she must transmit it to the school  administrator no later than the next school day.
    • When a complaint/grievance is lodged against the school administrator, the staff  member will forward the complaint/grievance form to the next administrative  level no later than the next school day.
    • The complaint/grievance form (Form A) should be fully completed, with a complainant  signature.  However, an unsigned form will be processed in the same manner as a signed form.

    The Roosevelt School District Board Policy and the corresponding forms needed to address incidents of Bullying are available below.