• Virtual Learning Parent Information Letter 

    This letter serves to communicate clarity regarding Roosevelt School District’s 2020-2021 distance learning model. The 20-21 distance learning model will be significantly more rigorous than the Spring continuity of learning model. We will ensure that your child continues to have access to high-quality learning experiences, curriculum, and assignments.

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What you can expect from RSD as a partner in virtual learning

    • Certified professional teachers who have access to tech support, coaching, and training to stay up to date with innovative virtual instruction methods
    • Five days of effective synchronous (live) lessons taught using high-quality District materials
    • Asynchronous (not live) purposeful and interesting assignments
    • Skills based practice using game-like and traditional software that adapts to your child’s progress and needs
    • Virtual art, music, PE, and technology classes
    • Access to age-appropriate digital library and research library
    • Virtual tutoring and enrichment
    • Dedicated teacher office hours
    • Weekly telephone or virtual family check in
    • Student access to no charge breakfast and lunch
    • Apple iPad and required accessories for all students Pre-K-Eighth Grades
    • Assistance with accessing low cost internet service
    • Virtual delivery of IEP/504/Gifted/EL services
    • Virtual access to extra-curricular
    • Access to virtual therapy and counseling at no charge or on low cost sliding scale
    • Access to social worker support at no charge
    • Virtual parent workshops and resources in English and Spanish

What you can do as our partner in your child’s virtual learning

    • Set up a dedicated learning space that is quiet, has a table/flat surface, a comfortable chair, and has good lighting (not on the couch or on their bed)
    • Organize all learning materials in that same space
    • Post their daily schedule in that same space
    • Set alarms to ring based on their schedule
    • Charge iPads overnight and have the charger nearby their learning space
    • Ensure that your child eats breakfast before class starts and lunch during their lunch break
    • Ensure that they brush their teeth, comb hair, and dress ready to learn
    • Ensure that they get a good night sleep
    • Ensure that they log into class 5 minutes early 
    • Keep the iPad, accessories, and charger in a safe, dry, and cool place
    • Participate in virtual parent workshops and ask teacher for help during their office hours
    • Support and create accountability by checking your child’s assessments, tests, and grades

Assessment Information & Important Dates

  • At the beginning of the school year, Roosevelt students will take baseline assessments. These will help their teachers understand what students already know and identify any gaps the students may have in learning. These assessments allow teachers to design instruction to meet individual student needs. This year, it is especially important that we accurately identify any gaps in student learning. Please help your child understand the importance of trying their best on their tests.  Ensure that they complete the assessments without any assistance from their siblings or others who may wish to help. In order to meet students’ needs, we need to know what they can do without anybody else’s assistance.

    Important Dates:

    August 17 – 28, 2020         

    Math and English Language Arts Baseline Assessments

    September 11, 2020           

    First progress report

    October 30, 2020

    First trimester ends

    November 4 – 6, 2020 

    Parent teacher conferences and report cards