ELA and Writing

  • In 2019, Cesar Chavez began implementation of the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) English language arts, reading, and writing program. Students in grades K-5 use the Into Reading program, and students in grades 6-8 use the Into Literature program. This resource is aligned with Arizona's state standards and provides teachers and students with rich text, colorful imagery, grammar support, language development, and intervention resources for students needing remediation or enrichment. In addition, HMH's guided reading benchmark assessment system provides teachers and families with information about student strengths and areas of growth in reading comprehension. 
    In 2021, Cesar Chavez will add HMH's Writable writing program to supplement our writing units of instruction. This resource is aligned to Arizona's state standards, and closely mimics the look and experience students will see when taking the annual state AzM2 assessment. 
    Additional supplemental resources include NewsELA, Lexia's Core5 Reading and PowerUP Literacy, and Rosetta Stone for English language learners.
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