• 2nd Grade: 

    Remedial Reading

    • Recognize letters
    • Master letter sounds
    • Blend sounds to make words
    • Master HFW/Dolch List
    • Move up Guided Reading Levels

    (2nd) Ms. Sandoval


    3rd Grade

    Mrs. Harrell will be tutoring 3rd grade students after school twice per week.  Students will practice grammar and specific reading skills in a small group with assistance and will also work on their iPads to practice reading comprehension and fluency skills. This will help prepare the students for the upcoming AZMERIT test. (3rd) Ms. Harrell


    5th Grade

    In tutoring club we focus on strengthening our reading and math skills. We do this by  practicing effective skills and doing a variety of activities. We learn to read with a purpose and practice math fluency. The goal is for students to build confidence in their reading and math skills through additional practice.  (5th) Ms. Hernandez


    7/8 Grade

    Students are using ReadWorks to build comprehension. ReadWorks is driven by cognitive science and created for the practical realities of the classroom. Reading Passages are written by experts and curated by educators, on teaching topics worth knowing. Questions Sets are text-based, multiple choice, and written responses; Explicit and inferential questions that build a deeper understanding of the important elements of a text. Vocabulary is carefully selected, high-impact words, multiple definitions and authentic sentence examples; Practice with word families and metacognition. ReadWorks Article-A-Day is a 10 minute daily routine that dramatically increases background knowledge, vocabulary, and reading stamina. Student Tools have audio versions of all reading content, highlight and annotate, adjustable text size, guided reading strip, and split-screen view. (readworks.org)

    (7th-6th) Ms. Whyte