Apple iPad 1:1 Device Roll Out

Apple 1:1 Device Rollout
  • Roosevelt School District No. 66 Provides all Students with Apple iPads

    RSD No. 66 is the first and only school district in Phoenix to provide an Apple iPad device to every K-8 student for use in the classroom and at home during the school year.

iPads in RSD Classrooms
    • Students become more engaged using Apple devices, giving them access to online curriculum, coding programs and classes, STEM/STEAM educational programs and interactive applications.
    • Students are exposed to personalized, educational experiences that reach beyond the walls of the classroom and allows them to learn virtually, in and outside of the classroom.
    • New tools with built-in accessibility allow students to create professional-level projects using their devices.
    • Parents have online access to their student’s grades, curriculum and can attend Apple device orientations and training sessions.
    • Expertly trained teachers integrate technology resources such as Keynote and Apple TV into everyday learning, personalizing the learning experience to meet the needs of every student.
    • Students will promote from the 8th grade with technological skills that prepare them for future success in high school, college and their career.